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While unbearably long TSA lines and delayed flights are an expected disruption during busy travel season, this year has already seen an unprecedented level of chaos due to winter storms that left thousands stranded at airports across the country, and changing Covid policies that are leading to longer-than-normal lines at customs.

To make things worse? Once people finally reach their final destination, their luggage may not even make it with them.

While much of this year’s aviatic disorder — the result of staffing shortages, weather problems and technological failures — has been out of travelers’ control, there are at least ways to make finding wayward bags easier in the future. The solution? Getting a mini tracking device like an Apple AirTag or Tile Tracker to trace your stuff.

Right now, both AirTags and Tile Trackers are on sale for Cyber Monday. Amazon’s Cyber Week deal gets you a four-pack of AirTags on sale for just $79.99. That brings the price of each tracker down to just $20 (for reference, Amazon sells a single, individual AirTag for $23.99).

The four-pack deal is the best way to save on AirTags and get a discount online. Amazon is also the best place to score an AirTags deal — the trackers are still $99 for a four-pack on


The Tile Mate tracker, meantime, is on sale for just $16 (regularly $24.99). This is the cheapest price we’re seeing online for this popular portable tracking device and AirTags alternative.


Apple’s AirTags are one of the most popular tracking devices on the market these days, consistently ranking as a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon. More and more people are tagging their luggage with the Bluetooth tracker, which in the past was typically used to find commonly lost items like phones and keys.

But how do AirTags work and how does the Apple tracker compare to their main competitor: Tile? Tile Bluetooth trackers were actually released in the market before Apple AirTags, and Tile currently boasts four different offerings in its line: the Tile Pro, Mate, Slim and Sticker.

When it comes to AirTags vs. Tile, the difference could come down to the features you’re looking for, and the device you’re using. Here’s what you need to know.

AirTags vs. Tile Tracker: Which One Is Best?

The Apple AirTag is a coin-sized tracking device that you can tuck into your luggage or attach to a keychain-style holder (see chic AirTag holders here). If you’re using it for traveling, the AirTag will send you a notification when it safely arrives at the airport. If things go haywire, you can use Apple’s extensive “Find My” network to locate the exact location of your tag (and the contents associated with it). For iPhone users, this is the same place you go to activate the “Find My Phone” function and the same way you’d track your Apple Watch, laptop, AirPods, etc.

AirTags are particularly effective because your tag can still be tracked when it’s powered off or not connected to the internet. As long as the AirTag is in Bluetooth range of another Apple device that’s opted into the Find My network (of which there are reportedly close to one billion users, per Apple), then you’ll be able to find your bag on a map. You can then easily show the location to an airport agent who can hopefully then help you re-direct your luggage.

The Tile Bluetooth tracker has many of the same features as AirTags with a couple of differences. The main difference is on battery life, with Apple saying that AirTags have a one-year battery life, while Tile claims its trackers can run for up to three years before the battery needs to be replaced.

AirTags are also designed for iPhone users only — if you’re an Android user, you’ll want to pick up a Tile tracker instead. Tile trackers are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

The Tile Sticker — the brand’s smallest tracking device — weighs just 0.2 ounces, making it lighter than the AirTag and great if you want to stick a tracker on say, your pet’s collar (we found that the AirTag was too heavy on our cat’s collar and caused his neck to sag).

All Tile Trackers also have a built-in key hole, so you can easily attach it to your keys or affix it to your luggage tag or zipper. AirTag users have to buy a separate holder.

In our testing, the Apple AirTag is the most reliable, and that’s because Apple’s network is much larger than Tile’s. Apple has a network of more than one billion devices that “talk” to each other to help locate your stuff, while Tile’s network numbers into the millions.

The Tile Mate is a close second though, and it’s especially good for non-iPhone users. It’s compatible with both iOs and Android so by installing the Tile app on your phone, you can track your belongings in real time.

Shop the Apple AirTag and Tile Mate bundle deals above or grab an individual tracker on sale below:

Apple AirTag


Tile Mate



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