Filmax Snags ‘A Moroccan Affair,’ from Telecinco Cinema, Lazona



Bringing one of Spain’s biggest potential box office hits onto the market at the AFM, Filmax has secured international sales to “A Moroccan Affair,” the third installment in the most successful Spanish movie franchise in history. 

“Moroccan Affair” is produced by Telecinco Cinema and Lazona, the duo behind comedies “Spanish Affair” (2014) and “Spanish Affair 2” (2015), which still rank as the biggest, and third-biggest, respectively, Spanish-produced box office hits of all time at Spain’s box office, grossing a combined €90.9 million ($96.3 million).

Set to open in Spain Dec. 1, released by Universal Pictures Intl. Spain, “Moroccan Affair” is directed by Alvaro Fernández Armero (“If I Were Rich”). It stars Julián López (“Undercover Wedding Crashers”), Michelle Jenner (“Our Lovers”), Elena Irureta (“Patria”) and María Ramos (“El Cid”).

Written by Daniel Castro (“Vote for Juan”), it turns on a holier-than-thou family from Cantabria in Spain’s lush north who travel to Morocco at the dying wish of father to recoup a family’s fishing boat. In Morocco, they suffer culture shock, and the scandal that the upstanding family patriarch has a secret daughter. 


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