‘King Raven’ Trilogy Acquired by Filmmaker Brent Ryan Green



Director/producer Brent Ryan Green has optioned the exclusive film and television rights to develop and produce an adaptation of “King Raven,” a trilogy of historical novels by Stephen R. Lawhead. The books set the tale of Robin Hood in the late 11th century amid the Norman invasion of Wales.

Steeped in lore and the political intrigue of medieval Britain, Lawhead presents a historically plausible origin story for Robin Hood. Each title within the series (“Hood,” “Tuck” and “Scarlet”) is told from the viewpoint of a member of the Sherwood Forest clan in an entirely new setting.

The trilogy follows the journey of a young Welsh noble, Bran Ap Brychan, as he’s met with the trials and obstacles that craft him into King Raven, better known as Robin Hood.

Green has been credited on more than 70 film and television projects during his nearly 20 years in the industry. Past projects range from box office hits like “I Can Only Imagine” and “American Underdog” from the Erwin brothers to acclaimed dramas like “Wild Indian,” starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kate Bosworth, and Martin Scorsese’s Oscar nominated film “Silence.” Recent projects include the groundbreaking television show “The Chosen” from Dallas Jenkins.

Green said: “It’s been more than 15 years since I first read ‘Hood’ [the first instalment of the King Raven trilogy] and the desire to adapt this incredible work for the screen has always been with me. This series impacted me in a way few books have. It’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’ with the heart of C.S. Lewis. I’m looking forward to finally building out the team that can bring this epic story to life.”

Lawhead is known for crafting sweeping tales of historical fiction, where he weaves together historical figures and events of the past with well-known lore and mythology. In addition to the “King Raven” trilogy Lawhead has written more than 28 novels and numerous children’s and nonfiction books.

Lawhead said: “It has always been my intention to return the Robin Hood legend to the place and time it may have originated, rather than where it ended up. I’m pleased and gratified that Brent and his team have caught the vision, and excited to see it brought to life.”

Green is producing the project through his new production house BRG Films.

“The projects under BRG Films will have a strong emphasis on my personal aesthetic and style. My goal with BRG is to have the freedom and ability to create the movies that I want to see,” Green said.


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