Kooky Comedies and Tense Thrillers Lead HAGO Slate



Hitman dramedy “Knok,” pandemic-thriller “LT-21,” and dystopian sendup “Rictus” will head off Have A Good One’s (HAGO) Mipcom slate, as the Paris-based TV development and sales company has boarded two additional series currently in production.   

Produced by Mifa Pictures (Groupe StoryPlus) and N22 Productions for 13ème Rue France, and created by Guillaume Duhesme, Bastien Ughetto and Lucie Moreau, the off-kilter “Knok” follows a hapless single-dad inducted into the underworld and made an unwilling contract-killer after accidentally witnessing a hit. César-winner Sylvie Testud (“Fear and Trembling”) and up-and-comer Johann Cuny lead the cast for a loopy six-part season that won acclaim at the La Rochelle Fiction Festival earlier this year.

Given the spotlight at the Biarritz Unifrance Rendez-vous last month, eco-thriller “LT-21” tracks a disquieting pandemic plot about an international virus that forces amnesia on all afflicted. Actors Arnaud Valois (“BPM”) and Léonie Simaga (“The Eddy”) play a pair doctors working to fight this new plague while disentangling their own complicated emotional history when one of them falls ill. Written and directed by Mélisa Godet, the OCS-commissioned series was co-produced by Emma Javaux of Une Fille and Alain Attal of Trésor.


Winner of best comedy at March’s Series Mania, “Rictus” follows a would-be messiah who may just bring mirth back to the masses in a dystopian world where laughter is prohibited. Fred Testot (“The Mantis”), Ophelia Kolb (“Call My Agent!”) and Youssef Hajdi (“The Flame”) lead the way, while Arnaud Malherbe and Marion Festraëts created the series for OCS. Cinéfrance Studios produced.

Looking further afield, HAGO has also boarded two additional series currently in production, backing true-crime thriller “The Cat” and octogenarian romantic comedy “Sex (re)Education.”

Written by Marine Gacem and directed by Indra Siera, “The Cat” retraces the true tale of a group of sexual assault victims who worked together to catch their assailant – a discreet home-invader who would invade and assault without leaving a trace, earning the nickname The Cat. Set in the 1990s and early 2000s, the six-part thriller follows from the victims’ points-of-view as they fight for recognition and then unite to bring this criminal to justice.

Currently in production on season two, Quebecois romantic comedy “Sex (re)Education” a follows a pair of golden agers who find love in a retirement home, re-experiencing that adolescent learning curve around matters of the heart and matters of the body for a second time in life at age 80. Launched last year, season one has since been celebrated at festivals across the globe, and has piqued interest in territories in the UK, US, Ireland and English-speaking Canada.



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