Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Final’ Film to Get $20 Million State Tax Subsidy



Quentin Tarantino’s reputed “final” film will get a $20.2 million subsidy from the state of California, the state’s film commission announced Friday.

The film has been rumored to center on the life of Pauline Kael, with a working title of “The Movie Critic.” It is among 16 films to be awarded state tax credits in the latest allocation.

California awards $330 million per year in state subsidies for film and TV shows in order to keep production in the state. For the purposes of its tax credit application, the Tarantino film is identified only as “#10,” for the director’s 10th film, which he has said will be his last.

“I love shooting in California,” Tarantino said in a statement. “I started directing movies here and it is only fitting that I shoot my final motion picture in the cinema capital of the world. There is nothing like shooting in my hometown; the crews are the best I’ve ever worked with, and the locations are amazing. The producers and I are thrilled to be making #10 in Los Angeles.”

The California Film Commission also granted $20 million to an untitled Netflix project, and $20.7 million to a Sony film called “Under My Skin,” which is rumored to be a biopic of Frank Sinatra.

Another 13 independent films were also awarded credits ranging from $646,000 to $2.5 million.

Film production around the world has ground to a halt due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The tax credits announced Friday will not actually be granted until after the productions are complete.

“While production is now drastically reduced, today’s news about projects in our tax credit program signals there will be a much-welcome surge in California-based production once the strikes are resolved,” Colleen Bell, the executive director of the film commission, said in a statement.

Tarantino’s previous film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” also received $18 million in California tax credits.

The full list of tax credit recipients:

“#10,” $20,213,000
“A Big Bold Beautiful Journey,” $2,505,000
“Agent Plus,” $1,072,000
“Boys Club,” $959,000
“Chalino,” $646,000
“Constance,” $793,000
“DreamQuil,” $2,014,000
“Good Luck, Have Fun, Don’t Die,” $2,500,000
“Health & Wellness,” $1,470,000
“International Gangster,” $893,000
“Quadir’s Redemption,” $908,000
“Saturn Return,” $1,047,000
“Seven Days to Butterfly,” $1,081,000
“Ultra,” $1,098,000
“Under My Skin,” $20,687,000
“Untitled Netflix Project,” $20,000,000


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