Richard Linklater Plans to Direct a French-Language Film Shot in Paris



In a conversation with fellow auteur Gregg Araki for Interview Magazine, Richard Linklater revealed that he hopes to shoot a movie in French, shot on location in Paris.

Araki said to the director, “I saw Ruby Rich last night. She did the Q&A for our ‘Nowhere’ screening at IFC Center. And she was saying that you’re shooting something in Paris?”

Linklater corrected that he isn’t shooting there yet, but confirmed his dream to do so: “Yeah, in French. It’s like a New Wave film.”

Linklater has thus far only made English-language films, but he has shot in France before. The second film in his “Before” romance trilogy, “Before Sunset,” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, takes place in Paris. With the American Jesse falling in love with French Céline over the course of one day in Vienna in the first film “Before Sunrise,” their different nationalities play a significant role in their relationship. They find themselves reconnecting over the course of a single day in Paris in Linklater’s follow up.

Araki shared his aspiration to also one day shoot in France: “I’ve always had a dream about shooting in France because my movies are so loved in France. They love auteurs over there. But I don’t like to leave the house. It’s so crazy that I’m actually in New York.”

The work of Linklater is appreciated in France as well; In 2019, the Centre Pompidou in Paris exhibited a Richard Linklater retrospective focused on how he showcases time in his films.

Araki and Linklater sat down to chat on Zoom for Interview Magazine, with Araki’s films “Nowhere” and “Doom Generation” receiving new 4K restorations and Linklater promoting his latest feature “Hit Man,” which was acquired by Netflix at TIFF for $20 million.

Variety has reached out to Linklater’s production company for comment.


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