‘Spawn’ Film Is ‘Blumhouse Version of a Superhero Movie’



Jason Blum is bringing the “Blumhouse edge” to the upcoming “Spawn” film adaptation.

During a press line for Blumhouse at New York Comic Con 2023 (per Screen Rant), Blum teased the “Spawn” movie currently in development at his eponymous production company.

“It’s going to be edgy and original as compared to other superhero movies,” he said. “It’s gonna definitely feel like the Blumhouse version of a superhero movie.”

Blumhouse Productions is best known for producing horror movies such as “M3gan,” “Get Out” and the “Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious” and “The Purge” film franchises.

Back in 2017, original comic creator Todd McFarlane announced that a new movie based on his human-turned-Hellspawn was in the works at Blumhouse. McFarlane, who is on board to write and direct the film, is also producing with Blum.

“We just signed [Jason Blum] yesterday,” McFarlane said in a video announcement at the time during San Diego Comic-Con. “No more theoretical … It’s coming. Get ready for it. We’re going into production.”

Jamie Foxx is set to star in Blumhouse and McFarlane’s antihero film as Al Simmons, aka Spawn. In the comics, Spawn is a human-turned-Hellspawn who possesses superhuman strength and speed, as well as near immortality. The character also has the ability to teleport, shapeshift and heal.

Spawn first appeared in print in 1992 from Image Comics. New Line adapted the antihero character into a 1997 feature film starring Michael Jai White, and HBO aired the animated series “Todd McFarlane’s Spawn” from 1997 to 1999 that lasted for three seasons, each with six episodes, and nabbed two Emmy Awards.


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