Ventana Sur Blood Window’s ‘Capital Variable,’ Pounced on By Sideral



Madrid-based Sideral, a production-distribution-sales label launched by Spain’s Elamedia Estudios early this year, has boarded Uruguayan Ventana Sur-Blood Window project “Capital Variable,” the feature debut of Uruguayan helmer-scribe Marco Caltieri.

Elamedia Studios CEO Roberto Butragueño will produce the thriller/dark comedy with Sideral’s Paola Botrán and Uruguay’s Clara Charlo of To Je To serving as executive producers.

Sideral will be handling international sales on the project, which was pitched at genre forum Blood Window at Ventana Sur, the preeminent annual film-TV market in Buenos Aires, co-organized by Cannes Festival and Marché du Film and by Argentina’s INCAA film institute.

“Capital Variable” follows Toni, a young economist, who joins a consulting firm that helps large companies manage their workforce. He and a group of managers are invited by Amanda, a representative from a multi-million-dollar factory, to a day-long meeting on an island. The alleged goal is to explore potential collaborations related to the factory’s new activities but something more sinister is afoot.

According to Caltieri, his father worked at a factory for 25 years and from this he derives his world view. He uses a quote from his father in the script where he says: “In the factory, the offices, which are in another building, are called “The Cruise of Love” because they are populated by white people, clean, with all their teeth. “

Caltieri narrates that in the 1990s, his father’s company offered attractive severance packages for employees who chose to quit and work independently as contractors. However, this came with no medical or pension benefits and no job security.

His father, instead of accepting the offer, decided to secure a job within the factory. Sadly, many of his friends who went for the severance packages ended up in the slums (favelas), impacted by the massive decline of the industrial sector.

“Many years later, I started working at an advertising agency and as part of the agency, I was able to enter “The Cruise of Love.” And I could see that there was a waterfall and a bright garden and there were indeed, unlike the factory, many teeth in good condition,” he said.

The project is in an advanced stage of development. It was selected for the Ibermedia Co-Development Fund and for the Uruguayan Audiovisual Program – Development.

In 2022, it participated in the Malaga Film Festival and the Iberseries – Sony Pictures Pitching sessions. This year, it participated in the AFM Pitch and the Blood Window – Spanish Showcase.

Calteiri is the co-founder and audiovisual director of the Cholofilms production company. Also an illustrator and cartoonist, he served as the editor of the comic magazine “Guacho.” He authored the children’s book “The Story of Never Beginning” and in 2016, he wrote and directed the children’s TV series “El Cuco de las Matemáticas.” In 2021, he wrote and directed the TV series “Metro de Montevideo,” based on the book of the same name, exploring a fictional train system in the capital of Uruguay.

The 15th edition of Ventana Sur kicked off on Nov. 27 and wraps Dec. 1.


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