Canary Islands Mystery ‘Non Trubada’ by Bikini Films



Buenos Aires and Madrid-based Bikini Films is presenting Carolina Daza’s Canary Islands mystery series, “Non Trubada” at Iberseries’ Co-Production and Financing Forum. 

Set in Spain’s Canary Islands in the year 2025, “Non Trubada,” meaning Not Found in Latin, centers on the mythical island of San Borondón, which resurfaces after a period below the water. 

After a mysterious woman is found on the island and a civil guard goes missing, investigations reveal a portal to an alternate universe, leading to global intrigue and a Spanish government cover-up. “A thrilling race begins to unravel the island’s mysteries, reshaping history in ways beyond imagination,” goes the synopsis. 

“‘Non Trubada’s’ main particularity is that it’s based on an old (and very real) legend. Through the collision of the ordinary and the magical, this science fiction drama uses the “alternative universes” subgenre to shake the lives of its characters and delve into their psychology: their dreams, their fears, their insecurities, their frustrations,” said Daza, whose previous credits include thriller “Noche de Chicas” and Amazon Audible’s “Vis a Vis: Cara B”

Last year, the International Script Laboratory IsLABentura Canarias awarded “Non Trubada” the DAMA + CIIF Market Award for Best Series Screenplay, which automatically qualified it to participate in the Canary Islands International Film Market in November.

Bikini Films’ Edson Sidonie, Florencia Visconti and Juan Pablo Félix serve as producers of the six-episode series. According to Sidonie,they have someshowrunners in mind but nothing has been finalized yet. The plans are to shoot on El Hierro in the Canary Islands, said Sidonie.

Visconti recently served as the executive producer of “Tierra Incógnita,” a Disney series that just received an International Emmy Award nomination.

“Non Trubada” brings to mind a Chilean project, the sci-fi thriller series “La Isla,” to be directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla, that was presented at Conecta Fiction in June. Its first season is set in Patagonia where an island in the fjords of Chile called Friendship Island is said to surface on occasion and is inhabited by aliens.

Iberseries & Platino Industria runs Oct.3-6 in Madrid.


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