Chris Cheated on Johnie, Taylor Slams JP



Nearly one and a half years after Season 5 of “Love Is Blind” wrapped, Netflix filmed the reunion — not live this time around. On Sunday night, married duo Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Milton Johnson sat down with the other singles from the season — Johnie Maraist, Chris Fox, Stacy Snyder, Izzy Zapata Jr., Talyor Rue, JP Pierce and Aaliyah Cosby. Uche Okoroha was invited but decided not to come, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey said during the hour-long special.

While each pair gave an update on their relationship status, there were a few unexpected twists — and some major shade thrown by the hosts. (Last time, the Lacheys received a bit of backlash for being so quippy, but this time around, they had a bit more fun with it.)

“We had JP talking his way into an engagement and then never speaking another word,” Nick said at the top of the special.

Later, Chris admitted that he cheated on Johnie after vigorously defending her during the season. “I’m always going to defend the people that I love,” he said. Vanessa responded, “You just said, I will always defend the ones I love, but if I may, would you cheat on those you love?”

He replied, “Apparently yes.”

See all the updates from the couple(s) and singles below.


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