Costume Designer for ‘The Mandalorian’ was 56



Shawna Trpcic, the Emmy-nominated costume designer who greatly influenced the look of Lucasfilm’s “The Mandalorian” and “Ahsoka,” has died. She was 56.

Trpcic’s death was confirmed via the Costume Designer’s Guild. “With great sadness, we inform you that multiple Emmy-nominated and CDG Award-winning costume designer Shawna Trpcic has passed away unexpectedly,” the guild wrote on Instagram. “Shawna was one of Hollywood’s pre-eminent science fiction costume designers — a creative force, a trusted collaborator, and all-around delightful person for her friends and colleagues. She was a beloved member of the Star Wars/Lucasfilm family, as well as the community of costume designers and the Costume Designers Guild.”

Earlier this year, Trpcic landed an Emmy-nomination in Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes for her work on “The Mandalorian.” In an interview with Variety, Trpcic spoke about her work in building the costumes within the Star Wars world. Her approach was to always service the fans. “The Mandalorian” was about finding a way to honor the aesthetic and “give back to” the fandom, while finding ways to bring uniqueness to her characters. She hid details in the costumes for Easter eggs, a tradition she started in Season 2. But before all of that, it began with the script. Said Trpcic, “I imagine myself there, in every single scene, as a character or a warrior, and what I would do in each instance.”

Trpcic was born Oct. 18, 1966, in Artesia, Calif, a suburb of Los Angeles. She amassed more than 47 TV and film credits to her name. She got her start as a costume designer on the 1990 film “Mom” and went on to work in the costume department on films such as “What Lies Beneath” and the “Red Shoes Diaries.”

A hardcore “Star Wars” fan, Trpcic first joined the franchise during Season 2 of “The Mandalorian.” She went on to work on “The Book of Boba Fett” and most recently “Ahsoka.”

“Mandalorian” executive producer Jon Favreau and “Ahsoka” showrunner Dave Filoni saluted Trpcic’s contribution to the Star Wars world.

In a post on, Filoni wrote, “Shawna had a deep love and appreciation for Star Wars. You can see that in every piece of work she did with us. She loved everything about being a part of these stories, including connecting with fans and being a part of that community. I feel like she has always been a part of Star Wars. Her costumes tell a story, providing the suggestion of a life experience that happened before the cameras rolled. I loved collaborating with Shawna, and I will miss her presence.”

Favreau added, “Her creativity brought this world to life. She will be deeply missed both as a friend and as a colleague.”

Ming-Wa Nen who worked with Trpcic on “The Book of Boba Fett” remembered the costume designer and wrote, “She was always there for her actors. Her designs helped us to tell the stories and establish the characters. She worked tirelessly, passionately and with such great humor. We had so much fun together.”

Industrial, Light and Magic shared a tribute via their social media page and wrote, “ILM is incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of our friend and colleague, Emmy®-nominated costume designer Shawna Trpcic. Shawna had a brilliant career stretching back over three decades, and was the visionary mind behind some of the most iconic costumes in #TheMandalorian, #TheBookofBobaFett, and #Ahsoka. She will be deeply missed, and our hearts go out to her friends and family during this difficult time.”

Trpcic received three Emmy nominations and won two Costume Designer Guild awards in Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television.

Survivors include a son, Joseph, and daughter, Sarah. A Go Fund Me fundraiser has been set up to help her family.


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