‘Doona!,’ K-Pop Series With Bae Suzy, Sets Release, Drops Trailer



K-pop star Suzy, playing a retired singer, dazzles Yang Se-jong as a freshman student in forthcoming K-Romance series “Doona!”. The Korean show will launch on Netflix on Oct. 20.

Lee Jung-hyo, who was previously director of hit Korean series “Crash Landing on You” is set as director of “Doona!,” a coming-of-age drama series that tells the tale of a romance between a freshman college student and an established female pop idol when they are forced to co-habit.

K-pop star Suzy (aka Bae Suzy, aka Bae Su-ji) was previously a member of the K-pop group Miss A, before establishing a solo career some six years ago. She has previously acted in Netflix’s “Start-up,” “Anna” and “Uncontrollably Fond.”

The show is just the latest Korean series to be adapted from a webtoon. In this case “Lee Doona!,” written by Min Song-a and published by Naver Webtoon, is the underlying source material for Jang Yu-ha’s screen adaptation.

The story sees the successful female star, key to her group’s popularity, abruptly announce her retirement. Away from music, she isolates herself inside a college town shared house. There she meets an ordinary, broke college student who, with warmth and integrity, shelters her from the harsh realities of her decision.

Production is through CJ ENM’s Studio Dragon, Showrunners and Naver’s Studio N, with distribution by Netflix.

“Doona is straightforward and blunt, but she also carries many scars within. She may seem like a cat with sharp claws, but in reality, she is like a ‘dog-cat’ who likes people,” said Suzy in a prepared statement. 

Despite being a central character, Doona keeps quiet about the reasons for her retirement from her stellar idol career. The trailer hints at a turbulent past, with glimpses of emotional breakdowns and unanswered questions. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSowk9RAT5o


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