Klubb Super 8 Unveils Film Restoration Efforts



Swedish niche film specialist Klubb Super 8 and its global streaming platform sister company Cultpix have launched a restoration initiative to “preserve the diverse cinematic heritage that has shaped Swedish cinema across all genres.”

Swedish cinema and restoration efforts in the country are in focus at the Lumière Festival’s International Classic Film Market (MIFC) this year.

Collaborating with leading international institutions, Klubb Super 8 has undertaken extensive restoration work on a range of films under its rights.

It is working with the British Film Institute (BFI) on the revered classic “Champagne Rose is Dead” (1970) and the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) on such cinematic treasures as “Anita – Swedish Nymphet” (1973), starring Christina Lindberg and Stellan Skarsgård; “The Lustful Vicar” (1970); “The Language of Love” (1969) and “Terror in the Midnight Sun” (1959).

The SFI is likewise providing vital assistance to Klubb Super 8 on the restorations of three films by renowned Swedish actor and director Per Oscarsson, including the experimental “Ebon Lundin” (1973), Calvin Floyd’s take on Mary Shelley’s gothic classic, “Victor Frankenstein” (1977), and Arne Mattsson’s 1962 proto-Giallo thriller “The Doll” (“Vaxdockan”).

Also playing a crucial role is the American Genre Film Archive, which is partnering with Klubb Super 8 in reviving Joe Sarno’s 1972 erotic drama “Young Playthings.”

Next year the SFI and Klubb Super 8 will bring out Arne Ragneborn’s 1954 “The Vicious Breed” (“Farlig frihet”), a juvenile delinquency film by one of Sweden’s most promising directors, who was crushed by the country’s censorship system.

Rickard Gramfors, co-founder and CEO of Klubb Super 8, stresses the importance of restoring films beyond the realm of works by prestigious directors like Ingmar Bergman.

“While Bergman’s legacy is undeniably significant, it’s crucial to recognize and preserve the diverse cinematic heritage that has shaped Swedish cinema across all genres. Our collaboration with esteemed institutions underscores this commitment to an inclusive cinematic restoration effort.”

At the Lumière Festival, Gramfors was a featured panelist at the MIFC. Taking part in roundtable at the event, he joined fellow industry experts Danial Brännström, the SFI’s head of access, rights and distribution; Agneta Perman, head of acquisitions for SVT International; and film historian, archivist and restorer Camille Blot-Wellens for a deep dive into current heritage film issues in Sweden.

Stressing Klubb Super 8’s dedication to cinematic restoration and its “commitment to preserving the rich tapestry of Swedish film heritage,” Gramfors said: “The Lumière Film Festival’s Classic Film Market provides a fitting platform to celebrate these remarkable achievements and underline the significance of a diverse cinematic legacy.”

Courtesy of Klubb Super 8


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