Latido, Con Un Pack Team on Tribeca Hit ‘One Night with Adela’



Madrid-based sales house Latido Films and indie distributor-producer  #ConUnPack are joining forces to handle international distribution rights to Tribeca Festival’s hit “One Night with Adela,” the feature debut of Spanish writer-director Hugo Ruiz snagged Tribeca’s best new narrative director award.

An audacious family drama, lensed using a single-shot technique, the film marries concepts of religion and sin with childhood trauma.

“One Night with Adela” toplines Laura Galán, the star of Carlota Pereda’s 2022 Sundance hit “Piggy,” a role that earned her a Goya prize for best new actress. 

In “One Night,” Galán plays a disturbed street sweeper in Madrid, who savagely enacts retribution for an incident from her youth over the course of one night. 

Although not everyone is to blame for her miserable life, a cocktail of drugs, sex, and deep-seated fury fuels her cruelty towards most who cross her path, culminating in a shocking scene. 

Variety described “One Night with Adela” as “both a thriller and a slow, unfolding portrait, thus a stellar example of modern Spanish cinema which often wraps genre around a strong auteurist voice.”

Jimmy Barnatán and Raudel Raúl Martiati co-star. The film is produced by Spain’s Muertos de Envidia Company and FTF Cam, with #ConUnPack assuming the roles of associate producer, Spanish distributor and, alongside Latido, international seles company. Roberto Valentín Carrera and Israel Luengo Arana produce.  

After the successful world premiere of the film at June’s Tribeca Festival edition, L.A.-based producer-distributor-sales company XYZ Films inked to represent “One Night With Adela’s” North American sales. 

XYZ picked up last year, ahead of the Tribeca Festival, another Spanish-language film, “Huesera,” by Mexican Michelle Garza Cervera, which also took the festival’s best new narrative director award after world premiering there.

“One Night with Adela’s” theatrical release in Spain is scheduled for Dec. 1, released by #ConUnPack. Previously, its European premiere will take place at the upcoming edition of the Reykjavík International Film Festival.

“The film was introduced to us by Jesús Ciordia Management. We immediately felt fascinated by the talent of its director and his potential in the international market,” explained Latido Films CEO, Antonio Saura.

“We contacted #ConUnPack, a distributor and producer whose work we have been following for a long time, to see if we could collaborate in international sales,” Saura added.

“From our perspective, facing the challenge of carrying out the worldwide distribution of ‘One Night with Adela’ with guarantees takes on a more challenging aspect, as it is a risky film and at times disconcerting,” Hugo Serra and J.J. Montero, partners at #ConUnPack Distribution, argued.

“That’s why finding an ally for international distribution has been decisive in recent months, after the success at the Tribeca Film Festival. When we spoke with Latido, and after its enthusiasm for the film, we clearly saw the possibilities that this union could bring us,” they said.

“The synergy between both companies promises to be an exciting journey,” Serra and Montero added, “becoming the perfect opportunity for ‘One Night with Adela’ and its next instalments, which will complete the trilogy of films in one-shot sequence devised by Ruiz.” 

“To find a national and international distributor is a difficult undertaking,” Ruiz commented for his part.

“#ConUnPack bet on us from the very first moment, entering as national distributors. Now it’s incredible that Latido, one of the greatest Spanish sales agencies, has opted to be the international distributor of ‘One Night with ‘Adela.’ I couldn’t be happier to share this journey with them as well,” he concluded.


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