Michael Moriarty’s ‘Of Things Past’ Gets VOD Release With New Footage



After 37 years in the making, “Of Things Past” will debut on Oct. 3 on Amazon, Vudu and other major VOD platforms. Reimagined by TGA Productions and Cedar Films Studios, the movie will include footage from both 1985 — when filming began — and 2022, when an additional storyline was shot.

The film, directed by D. Paul Thomas and Eric Rafael Ibarra, stars four-time Emmy winner Michael Moriarty and Louise Claire Clark, who portray young couple Michael and Laura Dietrich as they struggle to save their marriage after losing their 2-year-old son. When saving the life of young girl Kiki in an automobile accident, Michael begins to forgive himself for the death of his son. Adult Kiki, played by Tara Reid, then visits Laura in Boston nearly 40 years later while Michael is dying, revealing long-held secrets. Inspired by true events, the film explores themes of betrayal and the power of forgiveness.

“If you live long enough, you see nearly everything. Who would have thought that a movie filmed in 1985 that never saw the light of day, with lovely performances by Michael Moriarty and Louise Claire Clark, would be ‘reimagined’ by filmmaker Peter J. Bollinger and brought to the screen now,” Thomas said in a statement.

The cast also includes Gary Bayer, Macon McCalman, Peter Von Berg and Jack Nance. The film is distributed by Lion Heart, headed by Jerome Courshon, and executive produced by Dr. Sam Mayhugh, Peter J. Bollinger, Nora Betancourt, Ibarra, Thomas, Robert Vaughan and Reid.

“What fun it’s been working on this unique project — taking a movie filmed previously and adding to it an additional storyline,” Ibarra said in a statement. “Putting the two storylines together has been a fascinating and challenging process.” 


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