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Kids spend more than 60 minutes consuming content a day on any device, and that figure is higher in the U.S., according to Ivan Colecchia, senior VP business development, at analytics firm The Insights Family. Colecchia outlined several key trends for kids entertainment for the year ahead in a presentation at MipJunior kids content and co-production market.

The global take-over of anime, a cinema renaissance amongst kids, the rise in popularity of popular Asian culture, like K-Pop boy bands, AI, customized content, and an increased income from toys related to favorite shows were the main talking points for Colecchia on Friday.

“Even though it was born in Japan, anime has become the number one genre, surpassing comedy for 6-12s,” he said. “There’s a global take-over and I think if markets can adapt anime locally it could grow.”

When it comes to anime, 12% of teens globally read Manga. In France, it’s the second most popular genre after comics, he said.

But there’s a new threat on the horizon. While Hollywood writers have been battling for contracts regulating the use of AI, he described today’s kids as “native AI users.”

He said: “97% of kids aged 13-18 are aware of AI. If 97% are aware of it, how many are using it: 85% globally. In some countries, 90% are using it to generate content, even, or shape music.”

AI is bringing in other changes.

According to the on-screen presentation: “AI has simplified homework and contributed to a growing need for simplicity, spoon fed answers and personalization.”

“Customization and AI. That’s my message today. Think about that,” he said.

Meanwhile, another key trend is a renaissance in cinema going amongst kids, since the pandemic.

The number of kids, aged 10-15, visiting the cinema, more than once a month, has increased by 65%, since May 2021, he said. This brings about opportunities.

“It means there’s a new way to develop different properties,” he said.

That uptick helps another positive in the kids industry: the increase in toy sales, he noted.

“We all know ‘Barbie’ is the highest grossing movie of the year, and it has been turned into more toy purchases,” he added. “For young fans, seeing their favorite characters in a film leads to more licensing opportunities around the world.”

Finding kids is key to success and where to do that has changed. Kids prefer YouTube to linear TV: 48% of kids aged 10-18 are most likely to watch YouTube. The second most popular is streamer Netflix: 28%. Followed by linear TV at 13%. Still kids are most likely to watch ads on linear TV, he said.

The adaptation of video games to other mediums continues its success, meanwhile.

User generated content, competing with traditional productions, is on the rise.

“Kids enjoy watching other kids playing games on YouTube,” he said. “It’s a totally different way of watching anything, and it’s in competition with TV and movies. It’s interesting to see how people creating content are competing.”

Other trends in the content itself include diversity and inclusivity. Positive modeling and inclusion in media are becoming more popular, like the show “Moana” in the U.K. “Inclusion is the new cool,” he said.

MipJunior runs Oct. 13-15 in Cannes.


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