Nicola Coughlan to Appear, Russell T Davies Says



Nicola Coughlan is joining the “Doctor Who” universe.

Returning showrunner Russell T Davies revealed the news during a Q&A on Monday night following a press screening of “The Star Beast,” the first of the BBC series’ annual specials. Celebrating the show’s 60th anniversary, this year’s specials bring back David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble before Ncuti Gatwa takes over the reins as the Fifteenth Doctor on Christmas Day.

When asked if he could reveal anyone who will be making a guest appearance in the next series, Davies teased an appearance by Coughlan — but fans will have to wait about a year.

“Nicola Coughlan at Christmas — not this Christmas, next Christmas,” Davies said. “We’re shooting Christmas 2024 now.”

Known for her roles in “Derry Girls” and “Bridgerton,” Coughlan also starred alongside Gatwa in the mega-successful “Barbie” movie earlier this year.

While the audience snacked on popcorn from TARDIS-shaped boxes, Davies discussed the three specials starring Tennant and Tate, the first of which premieres on Nov. 25, as well as hinted at Gatwa’s introductory episode on Dec. 25.

“That Christmas Day episode is gorgeous, it’s absolutely gorgeous,” Davies said, adding of working with Gatwa: “When you cast great actors, the pressure is to live up to them, is to give them stuff that they love. And also stuff that will push them every day.”

Teasing the next series of “Doctor Who,” Davies called the process of working with Gatwa and Millie Gibson, who plays companion Ruby Sunday, “thrilling.”

“What is coming up — some of the stories we’ve never done before, the style of which we’ve never done before — we’re doing brand new things on screen,” Davies said. “Again, you write this stuff because they’re so good. And they meet that challenge every time. I am literally so excited to show it.”


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