Reza Rahadian, Laura Basuki’s ’24 Hours With Gaspar’ Sets Netflix Bow



Netflix has acquired Indonesian filmmaker Yosep Anggi Noen’s festival favorite film “24 Hours with Gaspar.”

Adapted from a detective novel of the same title that was published in 2017 by Sabda Armandio, “24 Hours with Gaspar” follows the life of private detective Gaspar, who has only 24 hours to live. He discovers clues leading to the mysterious disappearance of Kirana, a childhood friend, and later to Wan Ali, who’s involved in a human trafficking syndicate. Gaspar, along with five other people, plans to rob a jewelry store in the last hours of his life.

The cast includes top Indonesian stars Reza Rahadian, Laura Basuki, Shenina Cinnamon and Kristo Immanuel.

The film had its world premiere at Busan where it was nominated for the Jiseok Award. It gathered nine nominations at the Indonesian Film Festival and won best adapted screenplay. Further play dates for the festival include at the Jogja-Netpac Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival and Red Sea International Film Festival.

“24 Hours with Gaspar” is produced by Visinema Pictures and KawanKawan Media, with executive producer Angga Dwimas Sasongko, an acclaimed director known for films such as “Letter from Prague” and “One Day We’ll Talk About Today.”

KawanKawan, led by Yulia Evina Bhara, scored a hat trick of wins at Locarno over the last few years with Yosep Anggi Noen’s “The Science of Fictions” (2019), Carlo Francisco Manatad’s “Whether the Weather Is Fine” (2021) and Ming Jin Woo’s “Stone Turtle” (2022), and won an award at CPH:DOX for Fanny Chotimah’s documentary “You and I” in 2020. Bhara’s credits also include 2022 Venice winner “Autobiography” and 2023 Cannes winner “Tiger Stripes.” She was chosen as one of Variety‘s international women of impact 2023.

Bhara said: “We’re thrilled for the chance to share this exceptional film, especially with a story that’s unique and set in the near distant future of Indonesia. With the film available globally on Netflix, we hope that audiences from around the world will enjoy the movie, allowing us to further showcase how Indonesian stories can travel globally.”

Rahadian added: “Portraying Gaspar has been thrilling and it is one of the most unique roles I’ve ever played, providing ample room for exploration. After introducing the film in several countries, I eagerly anticipate sharing this story with a broader audience worldwide through Netflix.”

“24 Hours with Gaspar” will stream on Netflix from March 14, 2024.


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