Rise and Shine Acquires ‘Selling a Colonial War’



Rise and Shine World Sales has acquired In-Soo Radstake’s “Selling a Colonial War,” which world premieres in the International Competition section of documentary festival IDFA in Amsterdam.

“Selling a Colonial War” looks to encourage the Dutch government and society to accept responsibility for their actions as a colonial power in Indonesia – and especially their actions when fighting a war in Indonesia after the country declared independence in 1945. The Dutch government still refrains from using the term “war crimes” to describe their actions as this would have great impact on calls for reparation.

Radstake said: “The colonial past is a sensitive topic in the Netherlands, sparking intense debates about historical injustices, identity, responsibility, acknowledgment and reparations. And of course how this legacy of colonialism affects countries and peoples formerly colonized. The film delves into how Dutch society struggles with its colonial history and the ongoing debates.

“Selling a Colonial War”

“On a broader scale, the film fits into the global debate on decolonization, image shaping, framing and fake news. It highlights the role and impact of propaganda and the battle for narrative control. We can see parallels between historical events and current wars in Ukraine and Palestine. The storytelling of the film aims to make this complex history accessible to a wider audience. These themes resonate with experiences of both former colonizers and colonized countries worldwide.”

Stefan Kloos at Rise and Shine said: “We were totally spellbound when we saw ‘Selling a Colonial War.’ Of course, this will be dynamite in the Netherlands, but against the backdrop of the huge necessity in so many countries to work up colonial history, this fascinating film should resonate well all over the globe.”

The producers are Nadadja Kemper and Rob Vermeulen for Holland Harbour.

Periscoop is handling distribution in the Netherlands.


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