Shannen Doherty Fired From Charmed Over Alyssa Milano Feud



Shannen Doherty and Hollie Marie Combs revealed on the “Let’s Be Clear” podcast (via Huff Post) that Doherty was fired from “Charmed” due to an alleged ultimatum their co-star Alyssa Milano gave producers. A feud among the actors reportedly led to Milano telling “Charmed” producers they had to fire one of them, and if it was her she would threaten to sue them for a hostile work environment.

According to Combs, it was Milano who strong-armed the producers into firing Doherty after three seasons. While Doherty has often said she chose to leave “Charmed” on her own volition, it appears that was just a cover-up planned by her team at the time since she had already been forced off “Beverly Hills 90210.”

“One can’t keep telling the same story over and over and over again, when it’s not the truth,” Doherty said.

“My representatives, I remember them looking at me at the time and said, ‘No, no, no, your career won’t survive another firing, so we’re just going to say that you chose to leave,’” the actor revealed. “I remember I started laughing, going, ‘Who is going to believe that I’m crazy enough to leave a hit show?’”

Doherty was an original cast member on “Charmed” alongside Milano and Combs. Doherty’s character was killed after three seasons and she was replaced by Rose McGowan, who stayed with the show until it wrapped after Season 8. Combs was the guest on Doherty’s new podcast episode, with Combs revealing that “Charmed” producer Jonathan Levin once told her that Milano approached him with the ultimatum.

“He said, you know, ‘We’re basically in a position where it’s one or the other. We were told [by Alyssa] that it’s [Shannen] or me, and Alyssa has threatened to sue us for a hostile workplace environment,’” Combs said, adding that Milano “built a case for herself” by using a mediator to document every time she felt uncomfortable on set.

“I don’t ever remember being mean to [Milano] on set,” Doherty later added. “I couldn’t have been more kind and understanding…I wish that I had been older and wiser because I definitely would’ve sued, and I would’ve been honest about the situation because the rumors followed me regardless.”

Combs noted that Milano’s legal action threats “wouldn’t fucking fly” by today’s standards. The actor stressed there was never any “brawls” or “harsh words” said on set between Milano and Doherty.

Variety has reached out to Milano’s representative for comment.

On a previous episode of the “Let’s Be Clear” podcast, Doherty traced the origins of her feud with Milano back to how “Charmed” was promoted before its first season launched. She said that there was some resentment created due to the show being marketed around her despite Milano and Combs also being leads.

“I was cast first, the show was originally sold to the WB based on me,” Doherty said. “But once those magazine covers started happening, and one person is being asked and the other one isn’t … I felt like .. the competitiveness was kicking in. And I’m not saying with you, I’m saying with Alyssa and myself. There was a lack of female support.”

Listen to the latest’s “Let’s Be Clear” podcast episode here.


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