Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Nintendo Switch Game Gets New Look



The last time audiences saw Mario was on the big screen, when he teamed up with Princess Peach, rescued the Mushroom Kingdom (and Brooklyn) from Bowser… and was voiced by Chris Pratt. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” reached a box office high score of over $1.3 billion globally, breaking records for video game adaptations. But the iconic Italian plumber’s next adventure is back on the Nintendo Switch in a brand new 2D platformer titled Super Mario Bros. Wonder, out Oct. 20.

The game, a psychedelic twist on the classic Super Mario sidescroller, finds Mario and Co. saving yet another domain in danger: the Flower Kingdom. As Bowser threatens the land and its floral inhabitants, Mario runs through a variety of levels, collecting Wonder Seeds and stomping on new enemies along the way.

Joining him are Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette and Princess Daisy, who joins the franchise as a playable character for the first time ever. Nabbit and a slew of multi-colored Yoshis are also available as characters for beginners, as they don’t take damage from enemies.

During a recent preview event, Variety spent some time playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Here are five takeaways from our gameplay session.


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