Taylor Lautner Was Almost Recast in ‘Twilight’ Saga With ‘Muscular Man’



Taylor Lautner was only supposed to portray Jacob Black in the first “Twilight” film, according to the actor.

During an appearance on Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Lautner revealed that the “Twilight” team wanted to recast him for the rest of the franchise.

“My character in the first book is supposed to be like a 16-year-old little scrawny boy, and in the middle of ‘New Moon,’ he transforms into this 25-year-old looking built, muscular man,” he said.

Lautner, who was cast in the first film when he was 16, said they planned to “cast like a mid-20s guy to carry on and be Jacob for the rest of the franchise.” “I had to fight for my role back,” he said.

Determined to keep his role, Lautner began “hardcore working out for about nine months,” gaining 20-25 pounds. “I was ready, so when we got that call, my team was like, ‘Have you seen him recently?’” he said. Still, Lautner had to re-audition for the role.

Later in the podcast, Lautner discussed how growing up in the limelight affected his body image.

“I dealt in the last five to seven years with a lot of body image issues because in the franchise, not wearing that many clothes, you know. And I also was 17, 18, 19 years old, and it was a lot easier to have a body like that, but that’s what most of the world knows me as,” he said.

Lautner thanked his friends and wife Taylor Dome, who also appeared on the podcast, for their support in helping with his body image issues.

“I’m much better at it now, but there’s good days and bad days still,” he said.


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