‘The Traitors’ Season 2 First Look and Air Date Revealed by BBC




The BBC has revealed a first look for season 2 of show “The Traitors.” Season 1 was a huge success and won two BAFTAs, including for host Claudia Winkleman. Set in a Scottish castle, the format sees 22 strangers compete in a series of missions for a chance to win £120,000 ($151,000). However, amongst the players lie the ‘Traitors,’ who meet in secret and decide who to eliminate from their fellow players known as ‘Faithfuls.’

“The Traitors” will return on Jan. 3, 2024 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer and episodes two and three will be available on iPlayer immediately after. The show will air on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

The BBC is also launching a podcast “The Traitors: Uncloaked,” hosted by stand up comedian and presenter Ed Gamble, that will take fans of the show deeper into the castle with dissection of the episodes and exclusive access to the banished and murdered players.


After successful editions at SXSW Austin and Sydney and the Tribeca Festival, Miami is the next venue for South Asian House, premiering for the first time ever during this year’s Art Basel 2023 on Dec. 6. Created in partnership with Facet, Epicenter, Foumberg, Juneja, Rocher & Co, Rossi P.C. and Shatter Fund, the ‘Better Together’ themed South Asian House will take place at Klaw Restaurant & Rooftop Bar, located on the waterfront in the Women’s Club of Miami.

The programming will include two panels. the first is “Creator Economy 2.0: The Next Wave of Innovation” with Shruti Joshi, president and COO at fintech subscription company Facet, Shelly Kapoor Collins, founding general partner at Shatter Fund and partner at Sway Ventures, Bing Chen, executive chair and founder of AU Holdings and executive chair and CEO of Gold House, Brianna Schwartz, founding partner of music and entertainment law firm Schwartz and Schreiber, and Jessica Doyle (Two Creeks Strategies). The panel will share their perspectives about the future of the industry and the power of the creator economy, and will be moderated by lawyer and entrepreneur Vivek Jayaram.

The second panel discusses “Origin Stories” where artists share the life experiences that shaped their practice. Presented by Epicenter, a community journalism multiplatform company, the panel features featured Art Basel artists Nitin Mukul, Suchitra Mattai, Halim Flowers and Maya Varadaraj and is moderated by Art Basel’s gallery and project manager Neha Jambhekar. The artists will exhibit examples of their work during the event. 


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