Warner Bros. Discovery Unveils New International Leadership



Amid a widespread executive exodus, Warner Bros. Discovery’s international boss Gerhard Zeiler sent out a memo to the staff today laying out the company’s new global leadership structure.

Following France boss Pierre Branco’s exit earlier this week, WBD has tapped Clément Schwebig to oversee France, Benelux, Afrique, Allemagne, Autriche and Suisse.

James Gibbons will now handle Asia and Western Pacific which will be united into a single APAC region. Latin America and Poland will continue to be led by Fernando Medin and Kasia Kieli, respectively. The rest of the structure will be unchanged.

Branco is the fourth high-ranking WBD executive to depart in recent months, alongside EMEA boss Priya Dogra, Hannes Heyelmann, who headed Germany, and Robert Blair, the former boss international TV distribution.

Zeiler acknowleged in his memo that the group was “experiencing a difficult macroeconomic situation in combination with an acceleration of the transformational industry trends.”

“This is not an easy situation for any company to manage through, including ours,” Zeiler continued. He added that the company is equipped to thrive thanks to its “clearly defined strategy, the IP we have, and the content we produce.”

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