Zelda Movie: Who Should Play Link



The Legend of Zelda is finally coming to movie theaters. Nintendo has announced that is developing and co-financing a live-action adaptation of its premier video game property, working with Sony Pictures and “Maze Runner” trilogy director Wes Ball. That means Hollywood’s young actors will be contending for the role of Link. But who should play the blonde-haired bearer of the Master Sword and wearer of the pointy green hat?

If you’re partial to the original 1986 Zelda, you may recall the original quest was rather simple. Princess Zelda is kidnapped by the Dark Prince Ganon and it’s up to the player to control Link as he explores the kingdom of Hyrule and gathers treasures to free the Princess and restore the Triforce into the hands of good. As the decades rolled on and video game technology advanced, so did Link’s various quests, most recently culminating with the epic 2017 video game revamp The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its newly released sequel, Tears of the Kingdom.

The latest entries expanded the adventure franchise tenfold, enveloping the audience into the massive world of Hyrule. With players no longer constrained to strict directions and freed to explore, the massively successful titles revitalized passion for the franchise, conjuring up much whispering and even blatant pitching (“Euphoria” star Hunter Schafer said she wanted to be cast as Princess Zelda in any future films) about the possibility of a Zelda film finally being realized. Now that Nintendo has finally committed to the idea, it’s only a matter of time before the world meets its live-action Link.

Who knows what lore the filmmakers will draw from? In a world where Chris Pratt can voice an Italian plumber, anything is possible with these adaptations. Will director Ball turn to his favorite actors from the “Maze Runner” franchise, such as Thomas Brodie-Sangster, to energize the franchise? Or will we be blessed with a Jacob Tremblay versus Jacob Tremblay duel —should the story pursue a Dark Link arc. Here are some possibilities.


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